Google Ad Management

Not sure about Google Ads? Spent much but didn’t get enough? Our PPC team can help in increasing revenue and decreasing daily expenditure.

Google Ads are the best source of rapid and instant traffic. Google ads are for all businesses and audiences as the Google Ads network is so wide. Most businesses rely on Google Ads for their startup but most fail because of the complex logical working of Google Ads Dashboard. It requires time and attention to master Google Ads otherwise it may result useless. This is where we can help you. Our PPC team has the right people to boost your leads and sales with low daily expenditure. We focus to increase your CTR and bring in relevant traffic. We are here to show you the true potential and power of Google Ads platform.

With our Google Ads Management

  • Increased CTR
  • Increased Clicks
  • Better Impressions
  • Relevant Visitors
  • Decreased Bounce Back Ratio
  • Data Analytics
  • Increased Lead Generation
  • New Phone Calls
  • Ads Extensions
  • Complete Ad Management
  • Campaign Building
  • YouTube and other Ad Networks
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Call Tracking
  • Landing Pages Optimization
  • Competitor Research
Let Senotrix Ltd professionals make your paid marketing campaigns become your commercial success.

At Senotrix Ltd we manage your Google Ads account to extensive settings where we target keywords and set audiences only interested in your products and services resulting in increased sales. We would focus on highly targeted and search keywords after exposing your competition. We then use our industry-leading tools to create cost-effective and converting campaigns. We follow a simple process.

Keyword Research

Looking for your best and most effective keywords is our priority. Improvement on you ad account and increased visibility is our promise. We only focus on terms which your customers are always searching for and make weekly updates to keep your account up to date with customer searching trends.

Competitor Research

We know the importance of your competition. That is why we beat your competition with the help of your competition. We carefully assess the campaigns of your competitors for the targeted keywords and come up with improved ideas to slaughter them once for all.

Campaign Creation and Text Ads / Call Ads / Display Ads

We will set you campaign the way you want and for type of customers you want. Understanding your goals is vital to our optimal delivery. We create professional ads with precise and required information so your customers can book instantly.

Landing Page Design and Development

We focus on revenue not rankings. Our design and development team is always ready to create creative converting landing pages.

Reporting and Monthly Sessions

Each Month we will provide you with a detailed analysis of everything. One of our rep would call you to explain you everything what is going on. You can stay up to date with all your product activity.

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